Outfits: It's Morphin Time.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, And now a few decades later there's a new movie. I was fanboying so hard when I read the news last year and now it's just a few months away... more like a few weeks! Can you say "excited AF"?

The rangers were always wearing their colors on a daily basis. The show was so basic and extra but we grew up loving that, didn't we? 

I don't really like the new series cause it didn't evolve with us, I know it's still a kids show but sometimes I cringe AF seeing them with plastic weapons and zords. And yes I do watch them sometimes with my nephews, cause low key I still love Power Rangers.

Anyway, on to the fashion part of my blog post. This outfit is of course inspired by the RED Ranger, even tough I like blue ranger more. I can still pass for a teenager,  should I do more ranger inspired/theme fits? 

xoxo, Maks

p.s. check out more shots and the details down below!!

Hoodie: Bershka.
Long T-Shirt: Gift from a friend.
Jeans: Zara. 
Shoes: Lefties.

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