Outfits: Yes Man.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

If you guys are a bit like me, most of the time you answer yes to every question.
- Can you come to work tomorrow? YES of course!
- Can you go and get this for me? Sure why not! 
- Would you like some Vodka? or maybe even allot! YES PLEASE!! 
- Those pants fits you great! Would like them in all colours?? We have 100 colours. Of course, I like colours!!

* The vodka and the 100 pairs of pants are exaggerated but you get the point right?
I myself am guilty of that. Afraid of letting people down, putting their happiness before my own. Pleasing other people. If you can relate then you are definitely a YES man/woman. 

So here's another fact about me, I'm a Yes Man.

As always outfit details are down below.

xoxo, Makara.

Sweater: 21MEN.
Jacket: ZARA.
Jeans: Bershka.
Shoes: ZARA.
Bag: Pull & Bear.

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