Outfits: Yakuza Street.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Blogged about it before but here i finally wore some of the items i got from Hoodboyz.de.
The look is a more of a dark look, but the shorts make it perfect for summer days. I matched it with some "gold" accessories to make it less simple. When you take off your accessories you're ready to hit the gym :)

The shirt's quality is amazing and feels super light on your body, and there is some cool hand made detailing like stitches and stuff.

Do you guys like to wear black in the summer.

xoxo, Makara.

Dope Boyz Snapback: Hoodboyz.
Yakuza Premium Shirt: Yakuza Premium.
Jogger Shorts: Maksimized.
White Sneakers: Nike.
Gold Chain: River Island.
Gold Watch: Regal.
Pistol Earrings: From Cambodia.

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