Haul: Hoodboyz.de

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I got some items from the web-shop HoodBoyz.de, And they are super nice!! 
Take a look at the shop if you like. They have an awesome selection of urban/skater/street brands.

The shipment was between 3-5 workdays and it's delivered super nice and compact.

The first thing i ordered was the Dope Boyz snapback. Second was a black t shirt with super cool indian skull print on the back. And lastly a turquoise sports watch and a neon yellow bracelet.

I can't wait to wear them.

My fav would be the shirt, which of the items do you like the most?

Dope Boyz Snapback: Hoodboyz.
Hand Made T-Shirt: Yakuza Premium.
Velcrow Sports Watch: Neff.
Neon Yellow Bracelet: Masterdis Tubelet.

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