Outfits: Be Nice.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Last day i met my friends (from the other side of the world "Houston, Texas") Omar and Jillian.
They have this company called m2shirts. They sell premium quality shirts with cool prints for guys and girls! They also have a facebook page feel free to like their page.

They were in Amsterdam so we decided to take a stroll and some cool shots downtown.

Have you guys been to Amsterdam? and if so How was it?

p.s. Don't tell me you only visited for the weed :p

As Always I listed the Items below, also there is a link to M2shirts website. Click "read more" and check them out!

xoxo, Makara

Photo's By: Omar.
Denim Jacket: Pull And Bear.
"BE NI CE" Shirt: M2Shirts.net.
Laser Cut Jeans: ZARA.
Running Shoe: ZARA.
Backpack: H&M.
Sunglasses: ZARA.

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