Haul: Zara Man "Technical Running Shoe".

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I just bought these colorful running type shoes.

Can you guess what made me buy them? It is the mix of those vibrant colors. They are so fun and nice for the summer that still has to come. So in future "OOTD" posts you will see me wearing them allot! 

They fit really nicely, there is only one problem, i happened to buy one that was not manufactured correctly. There is loose fabric on the inside of the shoe, but there is nothing that a creative mind can't fix. So i fixed it easily by cutting the extra loose fabric and glue it on the inside. If it had a bigger mistake or some damaging on the outside, i would have return them for another pair or get my cash back. But for me i couldn't return them because i already love them so much!!

In case your are wondering where to get them yourself, click here.

Do you guys return stuff easily? Or would you try to fix it yourself?


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