DIY: Tote Bag.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hi Guys,

Since i got my 600D i want to take it with me everywhere! but i didn't want to look like a tourist with my big ass canon bag. So i decided to make a tote bag to carry that bag around. Its really simple to make it. It took me half a day to make it including filming.

The Tote bag is made out of two kinds of fabric, both cotton one with flower print and one plain cotton.
The use of two layers of fabric made it reversible and also stronger. You can use it to do grocery shopping, for school books and if you fill the bag with lovely goodies you can also give it as a gift for your valentine! One tip is to add some fabric markers so he or she can customize the bag to their needs. 

If you want to make one yourself? Check out the video tutorial.
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I want to know what are you going to use your bag for?

xoxo, Makara

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