Outfits: Monochromatic Sporty.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

So i've been busy all day yesterday, making this shirt, and here is the end results + o.o.t.d!

I filmed it, now all thats left to do is editing and uploading the new d.i.y. project! stay tuned for the video!



Polka dot snapback + Chain bracelet: H&M.
Faux white biker jacket: Maksimized.
Sporty mesh shirt: D.I.Y. Project. 
White rib skinny pants: Bershka.
White sneakers: Nike.
Silver double ring: River Island.
Earrings: WE.

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  1. OMG you are so fabulous! A bunch of us girls are having a 3v3 comp next week and I am going to sew a version of this shirt for everyone. I am so excited.